Sunshine Days

Hi all,

This month will see the release of a new Matt Bianco album in Germany and the UK. ‘Sunshine Days’ will feature their classic songs re-recorded with their excellent live band, some of the newer smash hits in the original and a Joey Negro remix of ‘Half a minute’. Mark and Mark said:

“As we have embarked on the live stage once again with concerts all around the world, we have come to enjoy playing all the Matt Bianco songs. When asked by Edel to release a Greatest Hits album, we wanted to do more than just compile all our old recordings which span over 25 years. Instead we’ve re-recorded the songs and presented them in a way that represents Matt Bianco in 2010, being careful to preserve the integrity of the originals. We hope you enjoy what we have done.”

The album will be available from 18.6.2010 in Germany and from 21.6.2010 in the UK.


  1. Get Out Of Your Lazy Bed (New 2010 Recording)
  2. Yeah Yeah (New 2010 Recording)
  3. Don’t Blame It On That Girl (New 2010 Recording)
  4. Half A Minute (New 2010 Recording)
  5. Whose Side Are You On (New 2010 Recording)
  6. More Than I Can Bear (New 2010 Recording)
  7. Say It’s Not Too Late (New 2010 Recording)
  8. Hifi Bossanova
  9. Our Love
  10. Dancing In The Street (New 2010 Recording)
  11. Sunshine Day (New 2010 Recording)
  12. Cha Cha Cuba
  13. Good Times (New 2010 Recording)
  14. Lost In You
  15. Wap Bam Boogie (New 2010 Recording)
  16. Half A Minute (Joey Negro Sunburnt Mix)

5 Responses to “Sunshine Days”

  1. Surjorimba Suroto Says:

    Say It’s Not Too Late? I’m very surprised to see this song in the track list. It’s been my fave for so many years! Can’t wait to hear the new version.

  2. You can listen to the Joey Negro remix of Half a Minute here :

  3. Excelent version of Half a minute!!!! Joey Negro are a big mixer, I´ve all tracks of him.
    Regards from Argentine


  4. fasterjim Says:

    But no “undercover”, one of my favorites song…sigh… 😥

  5. wrightwilsonw Says:

    Diggin’ that Half a Minute Remix — great groove!

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